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We provide a bespoke payroll solution to help you

So how does our service work?
You tell us your employees hours and rates.
We calculate your employees pay and 
send you the following:

  • The amounts you need to pay your employees.
  • Your employee’s payslips.
  • The amount you must pay to HMRC and the date it is due.
  • A report showing all amounts and deductions

 We will then submit your required RTI information to HMRC

Our service includes

To reduce your admin time we can deal with HMRC
 on your behalf in respect of your PAYE& NI

You will have no need to purchase payroll software and costly annual updates.
No need for software training and the costs involved
No need for you to employ payroll staff
 (so no paying them holidays, sickness or pension contributions).
Less stress for you.
 Therefore saving you time and money
Processing your monthly payroll could cost you
from as little as £10.90
Call 0330 555 1735 for a quote
the maytree bureau 
uses payroll software that is HMRC recognised. 
This means that it has been verified
 by HMRC and it conforms to the requirements of RTI